Thursday, August 12, 2010

The second leaving of Keenie Beanie

So, big news in Keenie Beanie land... I've entered the ranks of the unemployed.*  Sorta.

* "A-ha!" say a few of my wiser readers, who may realize that this kind of stress could precipitate an existential blogging crisis

For the few of you that have been around here for a while, do you remember when my job was eliminated last year due to a corporate acquisition?  Well, it happened again.

But it's a good thing.  Really.  I found out about the possibility last spring... not so very long after I posted this question to the universe.

Now I'm a godless heathen, but if I had been praying for a sign from a god, any god, I really couldn't have received a clearer answer.  It's like the universe was saying, "So you're not sure whether you should give up your job for the good of your relationship?  Bam, problem solved.  Now go sort it out with your man!"  Even better, I was offered a choice: a different job with the same company or a generous severance package.  And let me tell you, if you must lose your job, it stings a whole lot less if you feel you are captain of your own destiny.

I was originally scheduled to finish work near the beginning of June.  We'd had the leaving do (happy hour drinks) to wish me bon voyage on my last day, but the very next day another person in our department quit.  So I was asked to return to work full time through the end of July.  On July 28th, I snuck out to the elevator taking my last leave of the place as a full-time employee... for a second time.  I'm a sentimental fool and I hate good-byes, even good-byes to those who were never more than pleasant acquaintances.  It really sucks having to do them twice.  So I just... didn't.

But the blessings continue: for at least the next four to six weeks, I'll continue working as an independent contractor on a part-time basis, telecommuting from home.  Good-bye isn't a big deal when one is going to be popping in to the office for meetings now and then and interacting electronically on a frequent basis.  The added advantage?  Someday, I'll just fade quietly away and perhaps some people might think, "Huh, I haven't seen Keenie Beanie around the office in a while."  But we don't have to make a big deal about it.
I've nearly completed my second week of the part-time working-from-home arrangement.  It. Is. Awesome.  A girl could get used to this style of (sorta) unemployment.  No alarm clocks, no commutes, a little money coming in... all good things.  I am, however, looking forward to really digging in on the still-languishing renovation project once there are no further professional demands on my time.  Let's do this thing.

This change is the first of many to come, so I will keep you all posted as events unfold.  Thanks for stopping by and reading, and many, many thanks for reaching out when I needed a little encouragement.


  1. KB! Sounds like a pretty good deal you have going on! I'm excited to read about all the changes coming :)

  2. This sounds kind of perfect, actually. It's like the universe is shoving you out the door, and handing you extra money on your way off on your adventure.

  3. Krysta - I know, right? I went into the office yesterday, and someone asked, "How are you doing?" and I said "Fantastic!" and meant it. I feel lucky and my company is grateful. Win!

    Lemon Gloria - You summed it up perfectly. And today I found out they maybe extending the arrangement until the nearly the end of the year. I feel like someone, somewhere is really looking out for me.

  4. My sister was laid off a little while back by a company she'd been with for 20 years. They hired her as a contractor for a little while. Then she did some work for another company. About 2 months ago, she was offered a full-time job with her original company in a different department for the same money she was making when she was laid off. She loved her time working at home.

    The world works in odd ways and sometimes we need the kick in the ass that we can't seem to give ourselves :) Glad you're doing well and things are working out!!

  5. Leo - That's a great story about your sister; things definitely do have a way of working out. As D often reminds me: nobody has a crystal ball. Also, you are exactly right about the job change to be a much-needed kick in the ass.

  6. Are you sure that with all this newly found freedom you don't want to visit the mountains in North Carolina say...the weekend after Labor Day?

    Love you to!

  7. Love your outlook. I totally agree with limr, that the world works in odd ways sometimes. And it's awesome that you are able to enjoy and appreciate this time. The sky is the limit when you have a positive attitude. Looking forward to hearing more about this latest chapter in your life.

  8. Yikes. That is so exciting.
    {And great that you got to get those extra few bits of unexpected pay too}
    Having been made redundant in the past I think it might have been the best thing to happen - you never know what opportunities will arise now you can just sit back and live your life sans work.
    Must say I am a little jealous.
    Congrats and Good Luck - now, get those renovation shots up please. xx

  9. Nicki - While I would LOVE to be there for you, there's the little matter of the cost of a ticket when we're trying to save our pennies. :-(

    Lori - I do find that being a glass-half-full kind of girl has served me well. Things have worked out for me so far, and I remain confidence they will do so in the future too.

    Em - Thanks for your best wishes. The biggest and best changes in my life have nearly always been precipitated by something that happened "to me." It's far too easy to sit back maintain status quo when rushing towards change is really the thing needing to be done. I'll definitely post reno pictures... as soon as we have "after" photos to show off.

  10. I got to work as an independent contractor via telecommuting for my last job...even though it was temporary, it was great!!

    Also: everything happens for a reason, no?

  11. Jessica: "Everything happens for a reason" is one of life's great truths. I'm already regretting that this work from home arrangement is only temporary and noodling on how to find a similar permanent situation. It's fantastic for now anyway.

  12. I echo Jessica - things have a habit of working out for the best. I'm excited for you on the next step!

  13. Helen - Thanks for the encouragement!

  14. Yay for you and new oppertunities. Take and make the most of :-)

  15. Now, that's a life transition! But from what I know about you via your writing you seem to be the type of person who can fly with what is thrown your way. You have a great outlook and it has served(and will continue to)you well.

    Blessings on the adventures ahead!