Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sometimes they are actually worth watching (again and again)

I'm a firm convert to watching television via the magic that is the DVR.  It's so nice that I control the TV schedule, rather than it controlling me.  And by I, I mean "he," because I usually happily cede control of the remote to him. Ladies, am I the only one on that - or do the men in your life usually control the remote as well? I don't mind though; navigating the menus and dealing with the quirks of our circa 2006 DVR satellite receiver truly tries the patience.

Another advantage of watching DVR'd TV is that it becomes an interactive thing for he and me.  If it weren't for the pause button, I'd miss out on D's hilarious running commentary on the shows we watch.  Sometimes those pauses become a 20 minute digression, and we get to the end of the conversation and go "how did we get there?"

Anyway, I love that I can blast through the ads and get through an hour's worth of television in 40 minutes.  But every so often, I stumble across an ad that's worth actually watching.  It is a mystery to me how these get discovered, since theoretically we don't watch ads.  But I owe this particular one to D, who specially replayed it for me one evening after I woke from my nightly doze on the sofa. 

I believe this might have been a Superbowl ad, but it's recently gone into heavy rotation again.  We rewind to watch it and I laugh.  Every. Single. Time.

What have you got peeps - any ads that tickle your funny bone?


  1. I've never seen that before! I do know that I always love to see what Budweiser is going to come up with for their Superbowl Commercials. Love them!

  2. I don't watch a lot of TV and when I do, we always fast forward through commercials. What I've learned is that you miss a lot of pop culture when you never, ever see ads. I prefer it this way, but I always miss the ad references - and people make them more often than one might expect.

  3. Lisa - I know what you mean about the pop culture references. Also I never, ever have a clue about what movies are playing. Or even if I am vaguely aware of their existence, I have no clue what they are about or if I would like to see them.

  4. lol I love it. Just like living in South Auckland hehe