Sunday, September 19, 2010


In real life, I don't usually yearn for the metro-sexual, professionally manscaped hairless beefcake type.  And footballers aren't my type. But, oh sweet lord, this man is a work of art... brought to you by Armani.

You're welcome.

Friday, September 17, 2010

They called her Miracle

Last Sunday, we were out for a country drive - enjoying one of those golden late summer afternoons.  The white SUV that pulled out in front of us had only just got up to cruising speed on the 55 mph road when a bundle of fur fell out from under the truck and tumbled sickeningly onto the road.  We quickly sussed that it was a kitten that had fallen from the engine block of the moving car.

Without hesitation, D instructed me to turn our car around to see if the little thing was injured.  It was - staggering is the only word for it - off the road as we spotted it again.  It sought the safety of a hedge and we could see it was shaking and bleeding a little from its mouth.