Monday, May 24, 2010

Late arrival to the party

Lisa at curious girl posts beautiful photographs and hosted a "Color Week" beginning this past week and I was excited about participating, really I was.  Lisa took requests to assign a specific color to each day and then participants were to go capture color glowing in their lives and post the photos on the appointed day.

Then the 65-hour work-week hit and it didn't even wait until Monday to start. Something had to give.  But I had gone out looking for color and so, despite not being able to post on a timely basis, here is my contribution to color week - a rainbow of shots, better late than never.

There's a blog roll at Lisa's site with all the people who did actually participate in Color Week, so check them out and put a little color in your life.


  1. Oh, you have a wonderful eye! I love the colors and the angles!

  2. I'm with Lemon...

    I've always loved your photos. Hard to believe you spend your time behind a desk when clearly, nature calls!

  3. Great shots KB, looks like I got a little emulating to do. Problem is my pesky day job is precluding me from the less important things I'd rather be doing.