Thursday, May 6, 2010

9 to 5...

Okay - more like 7-to-7 (plus).

I've worked two weeks at the new job, and they have been doozies.  I happened to join the company, according to one of my new coworkers, during a "perfect storm" and we've all been working our tails off.

But since I'm a glass half full kind of girl, here are the positives:
  • I've done every one of my overtime hours in the comfort of my own home - plus Fridays working all day at home.  This is a new luxury, of a sort.
  • At least it's not working for the craptastic management that took over my old company.  This past week they laid off three people with only a day or two's notice.  Makes me not feel so bad for giving them two day's notice when I left.
  • Plus - I don't have THIS guy's job (yikes!), but I do get to enjoy that view of the river and the city:


  1. Craptastic? Am I rubbing off on you?

    And glad to see you're holding onto that optimism. It is a comfort during these ever changing times.

  2. Totally grabbed that word from your vocab, Nicki. It's perfect for so many situations!

  3. Yikes, those are long hours. Glad you're getting to do some of it from home.

    And your view is stunning! Much better from your vantage point than dangling from his.

  4. That's not a job for supercool.