Friday, April 23, 2010

Road Rants

Day two of the commute, and it's going well (not).  Inspired by Pippi, I bring you notes from the road.

My dear husband, without even realizing what a tough day on the road it had been, offered me his Crystal Healing CD (the soundtrack to my Japanese Garden slideshow) for the car.  Isn't that sweet? It's hard to be stressed when these dulcet tones are playing... at least that's the theory anyway.  Ohhmmm....

Post-its courtesy


  1. Keenie! Aren't Post-It's the best. I wish I could blog them all the time (I mean, I could if I wanted too, but then it would get old.) You do have a very kind husband. :)

  2. The post-its are v. cool. It's like tweeting with style.

  3. Grr! Remember to breathe! Maybe write blog posts in your head while you're driving to feel like you're not so stuck?

  4. Great. Those Post-Its look really addictive. And I'm going to be so tempted to use them...trying to maintain...


    It's no use. I can only hope my lack of computer skill prevents it.