Saturday, December 19, 2009

Did the Grinch REALLY steal Christmas?

I'm almost ashamed of my cynicism.  Every year, and I do mean every year, I see a story on the news about a family being broken into and all their Chrismas presents being stolen.  There are always tears and then a list of presents stolen that I frankly find unbelievable.

Consider the most recent example: after locking their door but leaving the deadbolt open, someone broke in with a credit card.  Keep in mind the home or apartment looks fairly new.  Are external doors even manufactured anymore that allow that old trick?  It would be impossible, even on the original external doors of my house built in 1940, but whatever. "The criminals stole two Xbox 360s, three laptops and a Nintendo Wii system and $600* worth of toys."  Then mom is crying on TV because "now she doesn't know how she'll give her kids a Christmas."  Her pre-teen son, bless him, was quoted as saying "presents aren't what Christmas is about," but looked REALLY sad while saying so.

*note - when this story was reported on the television news, the $600 of missing toys was reported in addition to the electronics, not included as the linked website story shows.  If you add up the retail value of the missing electronics, that far exceeds $600 anyway.

Okay, really?  You have THREE gaming systems (including two duplicates) AND three laptops** AND you could afford $600 worth of toys... but you couldn't bother with the home or renter's insurance which would cover these losses if you did get broken into when you "forgot to lock your deadbolt" ??
** oh, AND a desktop PC used to search Craigslist for their stolen belongings, seen in the video report after the break-in

I probably sound heartless and a bit of a Grinch myself here.  I don't actually doubt their story that there was a break-in, though some of the details do bear either further investigation or better accuracy in news reporting.  Regardless of anything stolen, if that happened to me I would be in tears too, because it must feel like such a violation of your personal haven from the big, bad world.  But forgive me for doubting the astounding list of presents lost.

So what do you think?  Am I a Grinch whose heart needs to grow a few sizes with some compassion, or do you suspect some of these claims as well? 

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