Friday, December 10, 2010

Amongst my Favorite Things: Sonic Scrubber

D and I have been sporadically, and yet constantly, remodeling the little shack on the prairie for over 4 years now.  We work on it as funds and enthusiasm allow and frequently find ourselves lacking either or both.  But one of the things we (and by "we" I totally mean "he") accomplished some time ago, to my great delight, is the remodeling of our home's single bathroom.

And it is beauteous.  D single-handedly demolished the dire toilet, vanity, vinyl tiles and painted-over tin-tile wainscoting and wallpaper and rebuilt the bathroom around the only thing left - the old cast iron tub, which is in decent shape and too dang heavy to consider removing.  He replaced the ugly vanity with a pedestal sink, installed a new toilet, laid ceramic floor tiles, and most impressively of all, affixed over 1,200 subway tiles to the walls to replace the tin-tile wainscoting and create a tub/shower surround.

Here are before and after shots:

Quite a transformation, no?  When the bath renovation was finished, it was the most "done" room in the entire house and I was thrilled with it.  I was so excited that if I could have filled the tub with cushions and installed satellite television in there, I would have moved into the bathroom full time.  

Since we chose - some might say foolishly - white grout for both the floor and the wall tiles, we invested a little extra money and a LOT of extra pain-in-the-ass effort (on D's part anyway) for epoxy grout, which is supposed to resist staining.  One of the things I promised D, after all his hard work, is that I would keep the bathroom sparkling clean.  And I did... for a while.

Then life and my old bad habits got in the way and suddenly I found that I hadn't scrubbed the shower walls for a good couple of months and we were a getting pinkish scum build-up in there.  So I scrubbed, and scrubbed and scrubbed some more.  And while I could get the bathroom sparkling clean, the grout lines stubbornly hung on to their new pink hue.  Fecking epoxy grout - stain resistant, my ass.

I had seen an infomercial for the Sonic Scrubber and then noticed that they were sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond with the Dow Scrubbing Bubbles brand name added.  Perhaps this isn't the normal "as seen on TV" useless tat?  After checking out some good reviews on the interweb, I decided to try one out.

Combined with Soft Scrub with bleach, this thing works a treat.  No scrubbing or sweating, just slowly pass the spinning brush across the grout and presto, it's sparkling clean!  It's like a power toothbrush for tile - awesome!

And as a little follow up tip for anybody else that hates cleaning the shower as much as I do, I have only one thing to say: daily shower spray.  I never really believed in this stuff.  In fact, at nearly three dollars a bottle, which you can easily go through in a week or two, I considered it a bit of a waste.  But after diligently detailing my shower tiles with the Sonic Scrubber (which, while easy, was still time consuming) I decided to try it out - but found a recipe for a homemade version which is easy to mix up in a spray bottle and very inexpensive as well.

1/2 cup (4oz) Hydrogen Peroxide
1/2 cup (4oz) Rubbing Alcohol
2 tsp Jet Dry dishwasher rinse agent
A couple of drops of dish soap
4 cups (24oz) of water

I've been spraying this on my shower daily for about 2 months now.  The shower wall tiles still look sparkling clean and I haven't had to scrub them once. 

So there you are, friends.  If you've got a bunch of tile grout to clean, get thyself a Sonic Scrubber!

Note: I haven't been compensated for this review/recommendation in any way.  I just loved this thing so much I want to share it with the world.  Or at least the little troupe of you reading my blog.


  1. Hi Keenie Beanie,
    Thanks for the great review! We're glad you like the product. We'd like to remind you that we sell our product online as well, and have set up some discounts here:


  2. I love when companies find our reviews. I love even more when they find our reviews and throw us a little something. (This is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE Laughing Cow.)

  3. I love your remodeling job! It's beautiful! And I'd never heard of Sonic Scrubber. What a recommendation!

  4. Nicki - you always get the best scores from companies. (I love my pillow!) Reviewing my stats, I still have no idea how Sonic Scrubber found my recommendation.

    Lisa - Thanks for the compliment on the bathroom!

  5. My mum bought me a squeegy {like the ones they clean windows with} as a flatwarming gift. I was pretty horrified at it to start - but i think it's one of the best cleaning things I own......

  6. oohhhhh pretty. I LOVE your bathroom. Mine has remained in an unpainted have finished condition for about 3 years now due to lack of ideas/money/inclination. I am so good at ripping apart but not so good at putting back together again as my visions and ideas tend to be sparodic and piecemeal at best. I am currently ripping out lounge wall lol. Captain Glen the Dynamo Guy, is going to finish the bathroom for me apparently lol.

  7. Em - A squeegy definitely does come in handy, though I gave up using mine on the bumpy tile wall. I need a squishier squeegy, I think.

    Go-Betty - It's always good if the man in your life is up for some DIY... let 'im at it! Thanks for the kind words about D's remodeling effort, too.

  8. OK, I need a sonic scrubber to sort out the moulding grout in our otherwise lovely shower. Wonder if they sell them in the UK?

    PS Great bathroom!

  9. Hey Keenie, Merry Christmas to you and D from the Anitpodes. Hope you guys have a wonderful happy day.

  10. Completely on your recommendation, I bought a sonic scrubber and spent the weekend using it on my mouldering shower grout. It's bloody brilliant, my shower looks (almost) as new and it was a lot more pleasurable than scrubbing for hours and hours. Cheers for the review!

  11. Helen, that's awesome! Enjoy your sparkling bathroom and I'm glad my recommendation was of assistance.

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