Saturday, June 5, 2010

Too good not to share

From my awesome cousin and his wife, via Facebook:

Him: The Great Dishwashing Avoidance Challenge: all couples should try it, as nothing builds unity like a shared goal.  The goal: see who breaks down first and washes the dishes.  Eating cereal out of the blender, I can't be beat.  A friend suggested lining dirty dishes with Saran Wrap.  Remember that you knew the world champ before he was famous.

FB friend: So she gave in first?

Her: I so did not give in first! Just back from Paddy's Pub, in fact, and dishes piled to high heaven in the sink... (could I drink water out of a measuring cup, perchance?) ;-)

Him: If you eat fast enough and/or have a dog, eating soup from a colander works too. [ed. note: the mental picture delivered by this one makes me giggle!]

This topic is obviously one of those cultural touchstones, as it engendered quite a few comments.   I particularly liked one commenter challenging them to match his prowess in the Singles Class.  Come on, who else has been there, done that?  (Typed with one hand, since the other is raised in shame...)


  1. Mine was worse. Full family challenge. I decided I was done cleaning up after anyone but myself. Sooo bad! In the end, I caved and snapped. Not sure I made my point though... ;)

  2. AAAAGHHH this takes me back to roommate days. I am extraordinarily untidy but I hate dirty dishes - particularly piled in the sink. I would get so very bitter.

  3. Oh yes, we did this once! Our kitchen was so small that we started stacking dishes on our dining room table (yes I am hanging my head in shame!!!!!)

  4. lol. drank from baby spoon once. used a cantelope cut in half, after eating all of it, as a bowl for cereal. Same for watermelon. Used a stephens cocoa can as a bowl. Heated a can of chilli right on the stove and then just dumped it into mouth without a spoon and also ate out of a ziplock bag.

    Ahh good times... good times :)