Friday, March 5, 2010

This too shall pass

Astonishing and awesome. Thanks to Sue at It's not as easy as it looks for sharing.  Can you even imagine what it must have taken to film this?  Any guesses on whether it was one long take or not?  There once was a whole episode of Mythbusters (yes, I watch geek TV, don't judge) where they demonstrated how insanely hard it is to get right.


  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this video. I'm so sleepy this morning and yet it jarred me enough to watch in rapt fascination. Love it! (Loved the song, too!)

  2. That is so insanely awesome! the music is part of the rube goldberg machine... the sounds it makes are part of the song.

    I'm like totally geeking out over this.

    The guy in blue, almost didn't make it in the end. He barely got his goggles on just before the cannons fired.

    My bet, is it was done more than once, due to the paint on the suits...

    I love Mythbusters and I think I remember that episode. Mmmmmm nerdy goodness.

    Just... so.... awesome...