Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Valentine's Day Grinch

All is well on the home front, but I am just not feeling Valentine's Day this year.  I'm particularly glad that it falls on a weekend, so I don't see great bunches of roses being delivered to co-workers.  Honestly, that might sound like sour grapes, but ever since we started sharing a checkbook, I haven't wanted a bunch of flowers sent in an overpriced delivery to my office.  Sometimes I've seen those bouquets being delivered and I've thought, from what I know of the women receiving them, that they are "fear bouquets" sent because the gentleman in question knows the consequences if he doesn't.  It seems so ostentatious... though I have watched friends receive a truly unexpected delivery and it really is a sweet and meaningful gesture.  Those I like. 

Ever since D and I FINALLY found ourselves living in the same island, country, then continent, we sort of let go of this holiday.  It's not that we don't like celebrations.  We try to get away each year for our anniversary in October.  We make a HUGE deal out of Christmas.  That is followed shortly by my birthday celebration in January.  By the time we get to Valentine's day, we're just a little celebrated out - and it all feels so manufactured and forced.  We don't want to face crowds at the restaurants, we don't want to set up expectations for yet another present exchange, I don't want flowers that are just going to wither anyway (even at home)... so to-date we have exchanged cards and called it good.

Yesterday, we were walking past the greeting card aisle in the grocery store.  In the past, we have been known to peruse the same greeting card aisle (separately) to purchase our cards for each other at the same time.  I asked him if he wanted to exchange cards again this year and he hesitated massively.  "We should," he began.  But I cut him off... "No really - I don't mind if we don't.  Lets just celebrate us - on another day when Hallmark and Kay Jewelers aren't telling us we have to."  It's a deal.

I just read this post at Locusts and Wild Honey and think we should appropriate her idea of home-made cards next year.  It will make the holiday feel a lot more personal.

The best part of Valentine's Day for me this year was inspired by this post at Just a Titch in which we are challenged to "Be a Valentine," and not just to a lover.  On Friday at lunch, I bought a couple of blooming potted bulbs for a friend at work who I've grown close to over the past year or so.  These won't die because she can plant them in the garden she's creating at her newly built home.  I made a little card using one of my photos and asked her to "Be my Valentine."  It was completely unexpected and her gratitude was sweet and genuine.

Issuing guerrilla that's a way to celebrate.  Next year I'm going try to think ahead and expand this idea to include more of my friends.  It will be like the old school days - when you gave a Valentine to everyone in your class.  (I think I just felt my heart grow a few sizes...)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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