Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blast from the Past: School Picture Day

Join in and spread the word: Graphic courtesy Leanne
So last week, I was back in the old home state kickin' it with a friend who's known me since I was four.  During the visit, she shared a brilliant scrapbook that her mom had put together with pictures spanning her entire childhood.  I appeared in a few of those pictures too, at various stages in my ugly duckling childhood.  Well, that wasn't my whole childhood.  Mainly just the years from, oh, seven to seventeen.

During the week, S and I also discussed blogging, bloggers and the IRL childhood connection that she has to one Clay Morgan at Educlaytion.  Yearbooks were dragged out and photos were perused.  After I threatened to unleash Clay's 3rd grade photo via Twitter (I didn't), Leanne of Ironic Mom, a veritable font of great ideas, mooted a suggestion and a blog-hopping "School Picture Day" was born.  SPD, or doomsday, depending on how you feel about your school pictures, is June 1st.

The idea is to dig out your old school portraits or yearbook photos and inflict it upon share them with the world on June 1st in a post, tweet or even a billboard if that's your sort of thing. Comments on other photo posts with link-backs to your own are encouraged and, as with most on-line contact sports, the more the merrier.  It will be like, but more inclusive.

If you know Clay and Leanne, the dynamic duo that unleashed SearchBombing upon the world, you already know that anything these two cook up is bound to be a good time.  If you don't know Clay and Leanne, add them to your readers ASAP.  You won't be sorry.

So tell me - are you on board for school picture day? Extra points: Any ideas for the Twitter hashtag, besides the obvious and rather lengthy #SchoolPhotoDay?


  1. I'm thinking about it...trying to decide if I have the guts ;)

    Good to see you around! I know you've been super busy, but we've missed you in bloggerland :)

  2. I have to tell you...I had A LOT of really bad school pictures in there. Hmmm. Let me think about it.

  3. Okay, I found the one picture I'm willing to share. Count me in! :)

  4. Excellent news, Leonore!

    Nicki - come play with us.